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4MParted 12.0 / 13.1 Beta

A special and mininal distribution of Linux based on 4MLinux and the GParted software

Aug 23rd 2015, 20:47 GMT

GParted 0.23.0

A graphical user interface for the parted CLI application that lets users to modify partitions on ...

Aug 4th 2015, 01:28 GMT

Parted Magic 2015_01_13

The best LiveCD/USB tool for partitioning disk drives no matter what OS is installed

Jan 14th 2015, 07:09 GMT

Ikki Boot 7.0

A multiboot Live CD that contains many useful tools for general system administration tasks

Sep 25th 2014, 06:16 GMT

GNU Parted 3.1

An Open Source CLI tool for editing, creating, destroying, copying and resizing partitions

Nov 21st 2013, 07:50 GMT

Disk Manager 0.9.7

Disk Manager project is a visual partitioning utility, written on top of GNU parted, that can crea...

Nov 21st 2007, 15:29 GMT