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Not Pacman 1.0.4

An Open Source and multi-platform arcade game that offers a revolutionary Pacman game

Jan 1st 2014, 06:50 GMT

Pacman 4.1.2

The package manager of the Arch Linux distro

Dec 25th 2013, 07:23 GMT

Pacman Log Viewer 1.2.1

A simple log viewer for Pacman, Arch Linux's default package manager application

Sep 19th 2013, 02:58 GMT

Octopi 0.1.9

A powerful graphical user interface for Pacman

Jul 14th 2013, 05:16 GMT

Pacman 1.1

Pacman is most played game in the world.

Aug 29th 2012, 14:52 GMT

Pacman Games 1.5

Best online pacman games

Aug 29th 2012, 13:08 GMT

PacMan 1.4

New classic PacMan Game.

Aug 8th 2012, 13:43 GMT

Pacman 13.3750.9702

Eat all the dots, but beware of the ghosts!

Jul 16th 2012, 10:27 GMT

Pacman 3D 1

Use the arrow keys to move, eat the dots avoid ghosts.

Jun 22nd 2012, 21:04 GMT

Pacman 1.1.0

Eat all food in this labyrinth before the ghosts are going to eat you. A nice PacMan game!

Jun 13th 2012, 11:39 GMT

Pacman Platform 2 13.3651.1013

Eat all dots on the platforms. Make sure you don't fall off.

May 31st 2012, 08:28 GMT

PacMan Sweat Theme

A theme for Google Chrome browser

Apr 10th 2012, 22:41 GMT

PacMan Maze Theme

A theme for Google Chrome browser

Apr 10th 2012, 07:55 GMT

Pacman Fight 3D 1.0.3

Inspired by the classic Pacman now called Pacman Fight to create this platform game.

Feb 5th 2012, 21:42 GMT

NXlog Community Edition 2.8.1248

An Open Source, universal and very powerful log collector and forwarder application
NXlog Community Edition

Partclone 0.2.74

A backup utility for GNU/Linux systems, in the style of the Partition Image (partimage) tool

SAGE 6.4.1

The World's best Open Source collection of mathematics software for Linux, Windows and Mac

Google Chrome 39.0.2171.95 / 40.0.2214.45 Beta / 41.0.2251.0 Dev

The powerful, lightweight and easy-to-use web browser developed by the well known Google company
Google Chrome

Griffon IDE 1.7.3

An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) text editor for GNU/Linux written in C/GTK
Griffon IDE

Trinity Desktop Environment R14.0.0

An open source and freely distributed clone of the KDE 3.5 graphical desktop environment
Trinity Desktop Environment

Net.Rummy 1.8.3

A multi-platform game based on Rummy, playable over Internet with multiple clients

Opera 26.0 Build 1656.60 / 27.0 Build 1689.33 Beta / 28.0 Build 1719.0 Dev

Surf the Internet in a safer, faster and easier way with the Opera browser for Linux

GIT 2.2.1

The world's most popular and fast version control system for Linux/UNIX systems.

Kubuntu 15.04 Alpha 1

A special edition of Ubuntu Linux that uses the KDE graphical desktop environment

gscan2pdf 1.2.7

An Open Source application to easily produce PDF files from multiple scanned documents

muCommander 0.9.0

A cross-platform, easy to use, fast, lightweight and Open Source file manager for many operating systems

OpenEMR 4.1.2

An Open Source and free medical practice management software for Linux, Windows and Mac

Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 Alpha 1

A special edition of the Ubuntu Linux operating system designed for Chinese-speaking users
Ubuntu Kylin


An Open Source display calibration system for Linux/UNIX powered by Argyll CMS and Python/wxWidgets
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  • NXlog Community Edition
  • Partclone
  • SAGE
  • Google Chrome
  • Griffon IDE
  • Trinity Desktop Environment
  • Net.Rummy

tacman 0.2

A tactical, turn-based clone on PACMAN

Sep 21st 2011, 05:05 GMT

ASCII Pacman 0.9.2

ASCII Pacman is a simple clone of the Pacman arcade game.

Apr 7th 2011, 09:19 GMT

PacStats 0.1

An application that generates statistical charts about ArchLinux PacMan activity

May 13th 2010, 12:41 GMT

pacsermen 1.0

Pacman Service Menu

Nov 17th 2008, 11:05 GMT

PaXman 1.2.0 Beta

PaXman is a little Pacman-Clone.

Jan 14th 2008, 14:17 GMT

PacKommander 2.5

PacKommander is a GUI wrapper for the pacman package manager of Arch Linux.

Jun 27th 2007, 15:04 GMT

YAPG 0.1 Beta 1

YAPG (Yet Another Pacman Gui) is a KDE frontend for pacman package manager used by Arch Linux (and...

Jun 11th 2007, 14:23 GMT

Njam 2.00

Njam is a full-featured cross-platform pacman-like game written in C using SDL library.

May 12th 2007, 23:35 GMT

Help Hannah's Horse 0.2.d

Help Hannah's Horse is a fun and fast pacman / fastfood type game in SDL.

Feb 11th 2007, 08:35 GMT

Pacman for Console 1.2

Pacman for Console is a pacman game which can be played on a text-based console without using X.

Dec 21st 2006, 01:35 GMT

live downloads


Jacman 0.4

Jacman is a GUI frontend to the excellent pacman software management software that comes with the ...

Dec 10th 2006, 03:35 GMT

Kpacman 0.3.2

Kpacman project is the Pacman game for KDE.

Dec 7th 2006, 04:05 GMT

The Blue Mango Quest 0.6.4

The Blue Mango Quest project is a 3D arcade game that aims to extend the Pacman gameplay.

Nov 15th 2006, 08:05 GMT

Fruit Land 1.13

Fruit Land is a nice and simple puzzle game.

Aug 11th 2005, 19:51 GMT

JMaPacman 0.3

JMaPacman is a multiplayer version of the old Pacman arcade game.

Jul 5th 2005, 15:16 GMT