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Tilda 1.1.10

An Open Source terminal emulator for Linux that looks like many popular FPS consoles

Dec 16th 2013, 10:05 GMT

bash-powerprompt 0.1.0

Powerful dynamic bash prompt inspired by Vim Powerline

Sep 17th 2012, 12:42 GMT

DOSprompt 2.1 Alpha 1

MS-DOS Prompt

Jul 27th 2011, 07:06 GMT

Concha 1.0

A shell prompt

Jul 11th 2010, 03:55 GMT

Readfile 0.9.4

Readfile is a simple command-line utility to read files.

Jul 3rd 2008, 12:24 GMT

QConsole 1.60

QConsole is an utility which allows you to login in any Symbian devices and perform certain operat...

Apr 8th 2008, 10:20 GMT

pgprompt 1.4

pgprompt project lets you pop up simple windows prompting the user to select something from a list...

Feb 26th 2007, 16:05 GMT

New Adventure Shell 1.85.3

New Adventure Shell is an adventure shell script.

Dec 14th 2006, 02:05 GMT

PROMPT 0.6.5

PROMPT is a system for retrieval, analysis, mapping and comparison of protein sets.

Aug 29th 2006, 15:10 GMT