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PPPTCP is a peer-to-peer IP tunnel program that runs a PPP connection over an arbitrary TCP port.

Mar 5th 2008, 13:24 GMT

Peng 1.05

Peng project consists of an AOL Linux dialer.

Mar 21st 2007, 18:05 GMT

pppctl 0.0.4

pppctl is a suite of simple programs of use for controlling a ppp connection.

Jun 30th 2006, 11:05 GMT

Poptop-PPTP Server 1.3.0

PPTP stands for Point to Point Tunneling Protocol.

Jun 28th 2006, 01:05 GMT

PPPGun-Dialer 1.1

PPPGun-Dialer is a Tcl/Tk script that can be used to etablish a PPP connection by dialing a remote...

Apr 19th 2005, 23:02 GMT