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Deluge 1.3.11

A lightweight BitTorrent client for Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X platforms

Dec 1st 2014, 08:41 GMT

uHub 0.4.1

A high performance peer-2-peer hub

Dec 5th 2012, 13:20 GMT

retroshare 0.5.5c

retroshare provides a private P2P file sharing software.

Feb 28th 2011, 13:50 GMT


A bittorrent protocol implementation using java language

Jun 10th 2010, 06:58 GMT

BTG 1.0.0

A Linux bittorrent client implemented in C and using the Libtorrent library.

Jul 2nd 2009, 16:56 GMT

Dolda Connect 1.3

Dolda Connect is a modular P2P filesharing client built around the Direct Connect model.

Oct 19th 2008, 16:04 GMT

FuQT 0.19.3

FuQT is a client for Linux written in c++ for retrieving and inserting data on Secure Anonymous an...

Jul 27th 2007, 13:35 GMT

BioCluster 0.1 Beta

BioCluster is a peer-to-peer clustering platform for Asterisk, the open source PBX.

Jul 24th 2007, 15:28 GMT

edonkey plus 0.01

edonkey plus is a free program peer to peer for the peer to peer network edonkey 2000,overnet etc.

Jul 9th 2007, 14:26 GMT

Nicotine-Plus 1.2.8

Nicotine-Plus is a fork of Nicotine, the Python/GTK+ 2 client for the Soulseek P2P Network.

Jun 3rd 2007, 02:35 GMT

MUTE File Sharing 0.5.1

MUTE File Sharing is a peer-to-peer network that provides easy search-and-download functionality.

Apr 24th 2007, 02:35 GMT

AMI 0.2.1

AMI provides a full P2P network.

Mar 14th 2007, 06:05 GMT
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ZMsgServer is a peer-to-peer LAN messaging application written in the Java programming language.

Mar 12th 2007, 16:13 GMT

FTwall 2.02

FTwall is short for Fast Track traffic Firewall, a P2P traffic filtering script, for Kazaa blocking.

Feb 14th 2007, 18:07 GMT

QmidiCtl 0.2.0

An Open Source MIDI remote controller application that runs via UDP/IP multicast

Gtk-Gnutella 1.1.2

A Gnutella client, optimized for scalability and speed, written in GTK+ for GNU/Linux systems

Doomsday Engine 1.15.0 Build 1542

An Open Source 3D-graphics enhanced game engine for Doom, Heretic, and Hexen games
Doomsday Engine

Ubuntu Cloud Server 15.04 Beta 2

The official cloud server edition of the Ubuntu Linux operating system, deployable on the cloud
Ubuntu Cloud Server

GCC ARM Embedded 4.9 Update 1

The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) tools designed especially for ARM embedded processors
GCC ARM Embedded

Partclone 0.2.77

A backup utility for GNU/Linux systems, in the style of the Partition Image (partimage) tool

Ubuntu MATE 14.04.2 LTS / 15.04 Beta 2

A community-derived Ubuntu operating system that features the MATE desktop environment
Ubuntu MATE

MKVToolnix 7.8.0

The ultimate MKV (Matroska) manipulation software for Linux-based operating systems

Opera 28.0 Build 1750.48 / 29.0 Build 1795.26 Beta / 30.0 Build 1812.0 Dev

Surf the Internet in a safer, faster and easier way with the Opera browser for Linux

Stella 4.6

An open-source and cross-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator for Linux, Windows and Mac

The Legend of Edgar 1.20

An Open Source 2D platformer game with a persistent world, for Linux and Windows
The Legend of Edgar

Kup Backup System 0.5.1

An easy-to-use, simple and Open Source backup system for the KDE desktop environment
Kup Backup System

Xubuntu 15.04 Beta 2

An official Ubuntu flavor the uses the ligthweight Xfce graphical desktop environment

uGet 1.10.4 / 1.99.6 Dev

A very powerful and feature rich download manager for Linux/UNIX operating systems

Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 Beta 2

A special edition of Ubuntu Linux, built around the GNOME graphical desktop environment
Ubuntu GNOME
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  • Xubuntu
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  • QmidiCtl
  • Gtk-Gnutella
  • Doomsday Engine
  • Ubuntu Cloud Server
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FTwall 1.09

FTwall is short for Fast Track traffic Firewall, a P2P traffic filtering script, for Kazaa blocking.

Feb 14th 2007, 18:04 GMT

Aorta 0.05

Aorta project is a load-balancing clustered P2P application.

Oct 10th 2006, 02:05 GMT

Torrent Swapper 0.1

Torrent Swapper is an open sourced sociable peer to peer file-sharing client based on the Bittorre...

Aug 11th 2006, 16:41 GMT

mooseekd 0.02

mooseekd is a partial fork of Museek+, containing only the standalone daemon needed to connect to ...

Jul 29th 2006, 23:35 GMT

PeerProtect 0.5

PeerProtect is an addon for Jay's firewall that generates a file which contains all IP addresses f...

Jul 11th 2006, 13:05 GMT

iptables-p2p 0.3.0a

iptables-p2p is an iptables match module capable of matching various peer-to-peer networks.

Jul 11th 2006, 00:05 GMT

p2pshaper 1.4.2

p2pshaper is a Linux QoS script to ensure good latency and fairness on a slow network connection o...

Jul 5th 2006, 05:05 GMT

TCPCam Beta1

TCPCam is a video and audio point to point conference program for Linux that is very easy to use a...

Jun 30th 2006, 17:49 GMT

Cutlass 0.2.0

Cutlass is a cross-platform system for secure peer to peer communication, oriented towards small g...

Jun 24th 2006, 07:05 GMT

pDonkey Server 0.01

pDonkeyS is Perl implementation of an eDonkey server.

Jun 21st 2006, 04:05 GMT

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Overnet 0.53.3

Overnet is the distributed search network that the donkey uses to find files.

Jun 20th 2006, 06:05 GMT
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GAINT 1.5.1

GAINT is a plugin for Gaim that enables file sharing capabilities similar to mIRC's fserve.

Jun 16th 2006, 10:05 GMT

Lopster 1.2.2

Lopster is a peer-to-peer client using OpenNAP protocol.

Jun 5th 2006, 23:25 GMT

Matrix Public Net 0.5.0

Matrix Public Net spreads short voice messages through a web of trust.

May 12th 2006, 19:39 GMT

NapShare 2.2.3

NapShare is a fully automated, multi network P2P client made to run 24/7 unattended.

May 12th 2006, 14:00 GMT

giFT-FastTrack 0.8.9

giFT-FastTrack is an Open Source implementation of the FastTrack P2P protocol used by KaZaA, iMesh...

May 9th 2006, 17:11 GMT
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