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Dosage 2.12

Dosage is an application that keeps a local mirror of specific Web comics with a variety of options.

Jun 25th 2013, 14:45 GMT

OptionMatrix 1.4.0

Derivatives Calculator for Options and Futures

Oct 11th 2012, 11:59 GMT

Shell Tunnel 0.1.13

A program was written to provide -L and -R like options in ssh(1) for normal shell

Apr 27th 2012, 08:43 GMT

TracArbitraryOptionsPlugin 1.0

Allows arbitrary options to be added to configuration files

Feb 4th 2010, 14:25 GMT
  • KDE

Kicker Hidden Options 0.01

Kicker Hidden Options is a script that changes the contents of ktaskbarrc and kickerrc.

Jan 16th 2008, 11:47 GMT

mod_methods 0.3

mod_methods is an Apache module that is the sister module to myhttp_engine.

Jul 3rd 2007, 14:19 GMT

tweaK 0.2

tweaK project is a config tool for editing KDE's various secret and hidden config options.

May 4th 2007, 13:35 GMT

KGentooConf2 0.2

KGentooConf2 project is a KDE version of the Qt Gentoo Configurator developed by Daniel Capitan.

Jan 8th 2007, 14:52 GMT