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vooid 1.4

Very Own OpenID server

May 31st 2012, 04:56 GMT

OpenIDFarm 0.5

OpenIDFarm is a standalone OpenID server with multi-user support.

Jul 10th 2008, 07:44 GMT

txOpenID 0.5

txOpenID is a twisted OpenID server.

Jun 16th 2008, 09:12 GMT

AROUNDMe Personal identity server 1.3

AROUNDMe Personal identity server is a Web site builder with an OpenID server and consumer.

Jan 16th 2008, 22:58 GMT

PHP OpenID Standalone Server 1.0

PHP OpenID Standalone Server functions as a standalone OpenID server and supports Yadis service di...

Jun 8th 2006, 20:48 GMT