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Remake of Olive 1.0

This package provides a remake of the Olive theme for the Compiz and Beryl window decorators

Jul 31st 2013, 06:16 GMT


Clearlooks-Olive and Blended Metacity theme

May 30th 2009, 18:12 GMT

Fhh-Nodoka 1

An olive theme for your GNOME desktop

May 19th 2009, 09:43 GMT


An olive GTK theme for GNOME

Jan 21st 2009, 14:42 GMT

Olive Suite 1.6

nonstep suite inspired theme for your GNOME desktop

Jan 13th 2009, 18:28 GMT

UbuntuLooks Olive and Brown 1.0

Two themes for Ubuntulooks

Jan 8th 2009, 14:59 GMT


Human Olive theme for your GNOME desktop

Dec 17th 2008, 00:11 GMT


An Olive Murrina theme for GNOME.

Oct 4th 2008, 18:56 GMT


A GNOME theme with olive colors.

Sep 11th 2008, 11:19 GMT

Olive 0.11.0

Olive aims to be a full-featured graphical frontend for Bazaar.

Sep 28th 2006, 06:35 GMT

Multi Distro 2.5

Multi Distro is a CD that contains multiple small linux distributions.

Apr 13th 2006, 16:05 GMT

Olive LiveCD 0.2

Olive is (yet another) GNU/Linux Live distribution.

Mar 14th 2006, 17:32 GMT

Olive r1p1

Olive is a totally sweet console mode RSS aggregator / newsreader written in Perl with Curses::UI ...

Feb 15th 2006, 15:09 GMT