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togg 0.2.1

A simple Ogg Vorbis tag editor

Mar 17th 2009, 12:14 GMT

GNUMP3d 3.0

GNUMP3d is a streaming server for MP3s, OGG vorbis files, movies and other media formats.

Nov 10th 2008, 13:52 GMT

djib 0.3

djib is a streaming server for media (MP3, Ogg vorbis, video, ..) files.

May 27th 2008, 19:05 GMT

BluePlayer 0.66

BluePlayer is a cross-platform, simple, light sound player.

Dec 21st 2006, 16:08 GMT

squelch 1.0.1

s.q.u.e.l.c.h is an Ogg Vorbis audio player.

Aug 1st 2006, 04:05 GMT

cdmp3 0.5.0

cdmp3 uses cdparanoia or cdda2wav to extract single tracks or even a whole CD and converts them on...

Jul 26th 2006, 08:05 GMT