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Bolt (OCaml) 1.4

A logging utility for OCaml

Feb 15th 2013, 00:24 GMT

Bisect 1.3

A code coverage tool for the Objective Caml language.

Nov 6th 2012, 01:27 GMT

Barista 1.4 / 2.0 Alpha 3

Barista is an Objective Caml library designed to load, construct, manipulate and save Java class f...

May 14th 2012, 09:35 GMT

Bitstring 1.9.7

bitstrings and bitstring matching for OCaml

Jul 26th 2010, 02:06 GMT

CamlPDF 0.5

An OCaml library for reading, writing and manipulating Adobe portable document files.

Apr 3rd 2010, 14:33 GMT

Nickel 1.4

Nickel is a bridge/bindings generator for Java/Objective Caml.

Feb 7th 2010, 21:59 GMT

Cafesterol 1.4

Cafesterol is an extension of the Objective Caml compiler suite that generates Java bytecode.

Feb 7th 2010, 21:15 GMT
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Luke-SDK 0.7.7

Luke-SDK software is primarily an Integrated Development Environment for Boo, C, C++, C#, Java, PHP.

Aug 25th 2008, 22:59 GMT

OcamlSpread 0.0.1

OcamlSpread is a wrapper around the Spread group communication toolkit.

Nov 24th 2006, 20:27 GMT

mod_caml 1.3.6

mod_caml is a set of Objective CAML (OCaml) bindings for the Apache API.

May 23rd 2006, 15:50 GMT

The Objective Caml 3.08.4

Caml is a general-purpose programming language, designed with program safety and reliability in mind

Aug 26th 2005, 22:36 GMT

mod_ocaml 0.01

mod_ocaml is an Apache module for the use of OCAML as a Web scripting language.

May 5th 2005, 14:25 GMT