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Nuvola Player 2.5.0 / 3.0.0 Alpha

An Open Source project that provides users with an integrated cloud music player

Dec 8th 2014, 20:46 GMT


A Nuvola inspired theme for Metacity

Nov 5th 2012, 02:10 GMT

Nuvola for Gnome 0.2

Nuvola, Black-gnome, Crystal SVG, Crystal Clear and Nuvox in a single icon theme!

Sep 11th 2009, 10:44 GMT


An olive GTK theme for GNOME

Jan 21st 2009, 14:42 GMT

Don OS11 Shaguar 0.1

A GTK theme based on Nuvola-Yellow

Nov 19th 2008, 20:31 GMT

Nuvola-Light-Blue-Gray 0.6

Nuvola-Light-Blue-Gray is a GNOME theme based from the Nuvola theme from David Vignoni.

Dec 19th 2007, 16:06 GMT


Nuvola-Yellow is a Nuvola-based theme for the GNOME desktop.

Oct 31st 2007, 12:05 GMT

Nuvola 1.0

Nuvola is a set of beautiful icons for KDE.

Feb 8th 2007, 10:05 GMT