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Strings edit 2.8

Strings edit is a library that provides I/O facilities for integer, floating-point, Roman numbers,...

Apr 4th 2012, 14:41 GMT

lfs-order-numbers 1.0 Beta 1

The default order numbers generator for LFS

Mar 5th 2012, 11:51 GMT

Color by Numbers - Flowers 1.0.0

Affordable software for girls that makes learning fun by coloring flowers

Dec 19th 2011, 09:54 GMT

Color by Numbers - Vehicles 1.0.1

Vehicles coloring book for boys with color by numbers for download

Dec 19th 2011, 09:11 GMT

Color by Numbers - Princesses 1.0.1

Princess coloring book with color by numbers and preset colors for download

Dec 19th 2011, 09:11 GMT

monosim Beta 3

monosim application helps you read, write, update and delete the phone numbers on your sim card.

Oct 25th 2011, 08:21 GMT

Visual ExpressionCalculator 1.2.48

A cross-platform fractional expression, fraction and mixed number calculator

Dec 13th 2010, 09:34 GMT

EZ Arabic 5.03

Learn Arabic for free using EZ Arabic

May 11th 2009, 10:39 GMT

pkpgcounter 3.50

pkpgcounter parses files and outputs the number of pages needed to print them.

Dec 12th 2007, 08:11 GMT

Decimal Plugin 1.1

Decimal Plugin for REALbasic 2007 and higher adds a new number type, Decimal, to REALbasic.

Nov 17th 2007, 22:52 GMT

Destiney Scripts Lottery 0.1.0

Destiney Scripts Lottery is a powerball lottery number analyzer and quick picker.

Jan 11th 2007, 06:05 GMT

Perso 3.0

Perso can handle different types of identity card numbers (e. g. german/ austrian ID-card and pass...

Dec 1st 2005, 16:33 GMT

G.u.e.s.s.o 0.3

G.u.e.s.s.o is a simple guess-the-number game.

Nov 3rd 2005, 03:20 GMT