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NetworkManager 1.0.6

An Open Source and universal network connection manager app for Linux operating systems

Aug 28th 2015, 01:56 GMT

NetworkManager Applet

The applet of the NetworkManager tool

Nov 12th 2013, 09:07 GMT

AggreGate Network Manager 5.01.00

This is a commercial project that provides an enterprise-grade network management platform

Sep 17th 2013, 05:30 GMT


PPTP plugin for NetworkManager

Jun 8th 2013, 22:27 GMT


An Open Source OpenVPN plugin for the NetworkManager application used in Linux OSes

Jun 8th 2013, 21:42 GMT

Network Manager Applet /

Network Manager's GNOME applet

Jan 17th 2013, 15:21 GMT

Old Network Managger

Access the old-style network manager connection editor from GNOME Shell

Jan 2nd 2013, 21:04 GMT

VirtualBricks 0.5

A GTK frontend for VDE and QEMU/KVM

Nov 24th 2011, 07:15 GMT

AggreGate SNMP Network Manager 4.30.01

AggreGate SNMP Network Manager is a system for monitoring of IP networks

Sep 1st 2009, 21:39 GMT

LXNM 0.2.2

LXNM is a network manager for the LXDE window manager.

Sep 7th 2008, 10:22 GMT