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EXTON MultiBootCD 6-OS 150131

A multi-boot Linux Live DVD that includes six different system rescue operating systems

Jan 31st 2015, 20:12 GMT

MultiSystem 9

Easily create a multi-boot LiveUSB environment with this simple and free application

Jan 5th 2015, 16:08 GMT
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GNU GRUB 2.00 / 2.02 Beta 2

A modern, powerful and supported bootloader or boot manager for GNU/Linux systems

Nov 10th 2014, 16:03 GMT

4MLinux Multiboot Edition 10.0

A special edition of the 4MLinux operating system that allows users to install many Linux distribu...

Oct 11th 2014, 14:26 GMT

Multiboot USB pen

A tutorial to create a multiboot USB pen

Nov 20th 2008, 13:53 GMT

EmErgEs MultiBOOT LiveDVD

EmErgEs MultiBOOT LiveDVD is an integrated Live DVD technology which combines some of the very pop...

Apr 22nd 2008, 08:11 GMT