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Artifactory 3.6.0

This project provides an enterprise-grade and advanced binary repository for Linux

Apr 13th 2015, 21:38 GMT

BNM 0.1.0

BNM is not Maven

Mar 10th 2011, 15:35 GMT

Maven 2 2.0.9

A rewrite of the popular Maven application to achieve a number of goals

Jul 8th 2009, 14:51 GMT

Docbkx Maven Plugin 2.0.9

Provides a number of tools for supporting DocBook in a Maven environment.

Mar 22nd 2009, 13:42 GMT

NMaven 0.17

NMaven provides Maven 2.x plugins to support building of .NET applications.

Dec 8th 2008, 23:54 GMT

Nexus 1.0.0 Beta 3.1

Nexus is a powerful and robust Maven repository manager.

May 15th 2008, 09:11 GMT

maven-har-plugin 0.9

maven-har-plugin plugin generates Hibernate Archive (HAR) files.

Sep 7th 2007, 14:06 GMT

Mapasuta openArchitectureWare WorkFlow Runner 1.1

Mapasuta openArchitectureWare WorkFlow Runner plugin allows to start a workflow file during a Mave...

Nov 2nd 2006, 17:58 GMT

Ruben 0.3

Ruben provides Maven 2.x plugins for Ruby builds.

Aug 29th 2006, 12:35 GMT

Lint4j Maven Plugin 1.3.1

Lint4j is a static Java source code analyzer that detects locking and threading issues.

Aug 3rd 2006, 00:35 GMT

Maven 1.1

Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool.

Oct 5th 2005, 19:12 GMT