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Quimup 1.4.0

This is a graphical and Open Source client software for Music Player Daemon (MPD)

Mar 24th 2015, 19:24 GMT

Cantata 1.5.2

Yet another free and Open Source MPD (music player daemon) client for Linux OSes

Mar 24th 2015, 07:11 GMT

Ario 1.5.1

An Open Source, free and GTK+ powered client for the music player daemon (MPD) software

Jan 21st 2014, 15:53 GMT

BE::MPC 0.11

A MPD client for Linux

Feb 10th 2013, 14:06 GMT

Guimup 0.3.0

A GTK interface for MPD

Jan 5th 2012, 14:04 GMT

Sido 0.12

A mini MPD client

Oct 15th 2009, 12:56 GMT

MGC 1.2-rc1

MGC is a small GTK2 MPD client written in C.

Feb 16th 2008, 02:09 GMT

Evad 0.0.2

Evad is a text-based client to the powerful MPD music server.

Dec 17th 2007, 17:01 GMT

PlayGUI 0.1.4

PlayGUI is a java client for MPD.

Aug 4th 2006, 14:35 GMT

skMpd 0.2

skMpd is a Music Player Daemon (mpd) client for superkaramba.

Jun 27th 2006, 17:21 GMT