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Good Luck in Love 13.4062.3450

Search a date by turning the tubes in the right direction from heart to heart.

Sep 20th 2012, 15:33 GMT

Love Tester 13.4632.1467

Test the change of love between you and the other one. Fill in both names and click on the heart.

Sep 19th 2012, 06:17 GMT

Love Meter 13.4744.3017

At Love Meter games you are testing your change of love between you and someone else.

Sep 17th 2012, 01:39 GMT

Book of Love 1.0

Browse through this tiny Book of Love and spot the differences in illustrations

Aug 4th 2012, 23:04 GMT

Love to Jump 13.4104.4679

Perform the requested stunts at the trampoline.

Jul 25th 2012, 10:29 GMT

Cupid in Love 13.3370.2756

Cupid is in love! Try to catch all the hearts, except the dark ones.

Apr 18th 2012, 07:49 GMT

Flying Revenge: Kill the Humans 0.2

What if a freaked out fly would mutate and be able to swallow humans?

Feb 12th 2011, 16:06 GMT

Lalalove 0.5.0

Lalalove is a music rhythm producing game.

Jul 24th 2009, 10:34 GMT

So long 1.0

Tells a love story between different kind of couples.

Sep 16th 2008, 14:21 GMT

Friend & Love

Friend & Love is a dating system script.

Nov 17th 2006, 19:35 GMT

Love Invaders 1.0k

Love Invaders project is a fun chunky retro game.

Nov 13th 2006, 23:05 GMT