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BIRD 1.4.0

A dynamic routing daemon for UNIX-like systems

Nov 27th 2013, 09:40 GMT

evmapd 0.0.3

A daemon for the remapping of input events on Linux.

Apr 26th 2009, 11:45 GMT

tband 1.0.4

T-Balancer BigNG daemon

Dec 16th 2008, 09:42 GMT

Piper 0.5

Piper is a daemon used to redirect streams.

Dec 24th 2007, 20:59 GMT

Rodent 0.9.8-1

Rodent is an ident daemon that is capable of routing AUTH requests to other machines on your netwo...

Jul 27th 2007, 12:05 GMT

Sharedance 0.6

Sharedance is a daemon to centralize keys and associated data.

Feb 21st 2006, 21:11 GMT

KeyWatcher 2.0.1

KeyWatcher is a daemon that monitors events from the new Linux input system and to perform actions...

Jan 29th 2006, 17:53 GMT

polld 0.2

polld is a simple daemon that periodically opens files defined in /etc/polld.

Jan 6th 2006, 17:37 GMT

lvs-kiss 1.32

lvs-kiss is a daemon which enables you to create load balanced, high availability services.

Sep 20th 2005, 16:24 GMT