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MacUltimate Leopard OSX

Mac-like icons for your GNOME desktop

May 8th 2010, 19:59 GMT

Leopardlike 1.0

Leopard-like icon theme!

Mar 13th 2010, 07:20 GMT

MacUltimate Leopard Aqua 0.1

Mac OS Leopard icon for your GNOME desktop

Mar 5th 2010, 09:45 GMT

MacUltimate Leopard 2.3

MacUltimate Leopard is an icon pack that fits smooth with the great Mac4Lin Project.

Jul 22nd 2009, 10:15 GMT


A crazy leopard-like icon theme

Jun 13th 2009, 06:31 GMT

Leopard-Style 0.3

Leopard-Style is an icon theme for KDE that makes your icons resemble those from Mac OS X Leopard.

Dec 30th 2007, 18:04 GMT