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Suricata 2.0.7

A network intrusion prevention and detection solution for Linux operating systems

Mar 1st 2015, 09:31 GMT


A free Debian-based operating system built around the Suricata network intrusion detection and pre...

Oct 17th 2014, 06:01 GMT

SmoothSec 3.4.1

An Intrusion Detection and Prevention Linux operating system with powerful tools

Jun 26th 2014, 14:18 GMT

unified2 12.07.0

unified2 IDS binary log format parser

Jul 30th 2012, 23:04 GMT
  • DNS

redWall Firewall 2.6.2 GA

A bootable CD-ROM firewall with IDS, IPS, proxy, reporting, and spam filtering

Feb 8th 2011, 11:08 GMT