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Gnome Icon Theme 3.10.0 / 3.11.5

This package contains icons for the GNOME desktop

Feb 13th 2014, 01:08 GMT

GNOME Icon Theme Symbolic 3.12.0

This package contains Open Source symbolic icons for the GNOME desktop environment

Feb 11th 2014, 06:16 GMT

GNOME Icon Theme Extras 3.6.2 / 3.11.2

A freely distributed package that contains extra icons for the GNOME desktop environment

Nov 27th 2013, 13:54 GMT

GNOME-colors 5.5.1

An icon theme for your GNOME desktop

Oct 18th 2012, 14:10 GMT

Vamox Icon Theme 1.5.1

Blueish icons for your GNOME desktop.

Oct 16th 2012, 03:43 GMT

libicns 0.8.0

A Mac icons to PNG images converter

May 18th 2012, 12:23 GMT

Clonator ICON 0.2.11

A service menu for KDE which can make easy clone, delete and view the icons in your folder theme i...

May 7th 2012, 12:36 GMT

Simple 2.7

A simple icon theme for your GNOME desktop

Feb 17th 2012, 11:25 GMT

G-Xiria 3.0

A beautiful icon theme for GNOME

Dec 26th 2011, 11:38 GMT

Xquisite 0.4.6

An icon theme based on prior Exquisites and modified from various sources

May 23rd 2010, 22:16 GMT

mst_pack 0.6.9

GNOME icon pack

Apr 15th 2010, 02:55 GMT
  • KDE

Folder Icon 1

A servicemenu for KDE4

Apr 10th 2010, 13:04 GMT

Meliae SVG 1.2

SVG icon theme for GNOME

Mar 7th 2010, 01:33 GMT

Magog White 11

A black and white icon them for your GNOME desktop

Feb 17th 2010, 14:16 GMT

Doomsday Engine 1.15.0 Build 1570

An Open Source 3D-graphics enhanced game engine for Doom, Heretic, and Hexen games
Doomsday Engine

Quod Libet 3.4.0

A music player and tag editor graphical software for GNU/Linux operating systems
Quod Libet

Intel Linux Graphics Installer 1.0.8

Intel's video driver graphical native installer for all Linux-based operating systems
Intel Linux Graphics Installer

Trillian Beta

One of the most used and popular Instant Messaging clients arrives on the Linux platform

Lubuntu 15.04

The Vivid Vervet edition of the Lubuntu Linux operating system, built on top of LXDE

Musictube 1.5

A free and commercial, lightweight and extremely handy YouTube music player application

Skrooge 1.11.0

A free, simple, intuitive and powerful personal finances manager for the KDE desktop

PowerDNS Recursor 3.7.2

An Open Source and complete suite of technologies surrounding Internet Naming and email

Net.Tarot 1.9.7

A 'French' Tarot game that can be played over the Internet with multiple clients

Vivaldi Tech Preview 3 RC

The next-generation web browser for power users, based on the powerful Chromium project

LibreOffice 4.4.2 / 4.4.3 RC1 / 4.3.7

An open source office suite that provides a good alternative to commercial office tools on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms

Ubuntu Studio 15.04

Special Ubuntu Linux edition that can be used by artists for digital content creation
Ubuntu Studio

Kubuntu 15.04

A special edition of Ubuntu Linux that uses the KDE graphical desktop environment

Midori 0.5.10

A free, lightweight and modern web browser application for the open source ecosystem

Why Can't I Connect? 1.10.2

Easily resolve TCP/IP connection errors with this open source and cross-platform application
Why Can't I Connect?
% discount
PowerDNS Recursor
  • PowerDNS Recursor
  • Net.Tarot
  • Vivaldi
  • LibreOffice
  • Ubuntu Studio
  • Kubuntu
  • Midori
  • Why Can't I Connect?
  • Doomsday Engine
  • Quod Libet
  • Intel Linux Graphics Installer
  • Trillian
  • Lubuntu
  • Musictube
  • Skrooge

nuoveXT Black 2008-05-07

An icon theme based on Saki's excellent classic nuoveXT-1.6 icons

Jan 22nd 2010, 15:44 GMT

Change 1.0

An icon theme creator for GNOME

Jan 19th 2010, 07:23 GMT

Free Icon-To-Speech 0.0.1

A low-cost assistive / augmentative communication tool

Apr 3rd 2009, 06:51 GMT

exeShortcut 0.1

First EXE Icon for KDE

Dec 29th 2008, 09:13 GMT

Nautilus Extension SVN Icon Emblem 1.2

SVN icon in Nautilus

Nov 27th 2008, 09:09 GMT

gtrayicon 1.1

Generic tray icon for GNOME

Nov 2nd 2008, 19:39 GMT

Mozilla New Mail Icon 1.2.4

Mozilla New Mail Icon is an extension which displays an icon in the system tray when new mail arri...

Sep 16th 2008, 06:14 GMT

gnome-themes-extras 2.22.0

gnome-themes is a GNOME theme manager.

Apr 3rd 2008, 07:14 GMT

Icon execute feedback 0.4

Icon execute feedback replaces the zooming rectangle that is drawn if you activate an icon in konq...

Mar 7th 2007, 17:35 GMT

Luminance Panel 0.0.6

Luminance Panel is a lightweight GTK 2.0 panel application.

Sep 27th 2006, 00:05 GMT

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KPowersave Icon Patch 0.1

KPowersave Icon Patch changes the way of displaying power state for KPowersave.

Sep 20th 2006, 14:14 GMT

KIconEdit 3.5.4

KIconEdit or KDE Icon Editor is a small graphics drawing program especially for creating icons usi...

Aug 8th 2006, 21:48 GMT

Sylpheed-Claws 20060615

Sylpheed-Claws icon themes.

Jun 16th 2006, 15:06 GMT

KIconDialog++ 0.3

KIconDialog++ is an improved icon dialog for KDE.

May 30th 2006, 15:20 GMT

Smoot 0.7

Smoot is a Web-based tool for creating diagrams of icons and links between them.

Apr 19th 2006, 16:07 GMT

Gnome-Themer 2.1

Gnome-Themer is a program for select Icon, GTK-2, Metacity cursor and GTK-1 themes and wallpapers.

Aug 2nd 2005, 17:56 GMT
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