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CGIProxy 2.1.14

This is a free project that provides an OS independent HTTP/HTTPS and FTP proxy.

Nov 27th 2014, 08:15 GMT

YACY 1.2

YACY is a distributed Web crawler and also a caching HTTP/HTTPS proxy.

Nov 9th 2012, 12:53 GMT

ExaProxy 1.0.3

Non-caching http/https proxy

Sep 3rd 2012, 23:32 GMT

pymiproxy 1.0

Python Micro Interceptor Proxy

Jul 21st 2012, 04:23 GMT

sshl 1.7

A ssl/ssh multiplexer

Feb 4th 2010, 13:59 GMT

Burp proxy 1.4

Burp Proxy is an interactive HTTP/S proxy server for attacking and testing web applications.

Jan 15th 2008, 14:42 GMT

mproxy 0.3.1

mproxy is a small non-caching HTTP/HTTPS proxy.

Oct 1st 2007, 16:20 GMT

Antispyd 0.0.9

Antispyd is an HTTP/HTTPS threat filtering proxy server.

Oct 27th 2005, 02:22 GMT