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An Open Source web filter and protector with multiple page content analysis mechanism

Nov 13th 2013, 15:52 GMT

Cloud to Ground Guardian 13.4066.6336

You play the pilot of this amazing airplane. Help the ground troops.

Jul 5th 2012, 12:34 GMT

Palisade Guardian 2 Modern Combat 1.0.1

Defending the building is even more intense in the sequel to Palisade Guardian.

Jun 5th 2012, 14:29 GMT

django-guardian 1.1.1

Implementation of per object permissions for Django 1.2

Mar 13th 2012, 20:06 GMT

Guardian Rock 1.2

After millenia of slumber you rise to defend the glorious temple from intruding archaeologists

Feb 27th 2012, 20:16 GMT

Service-Guardian 1.8

Service Guardian is a software that will protect servers against various things such as connection...

Mar 31st 2010, 14:41 GMT

RFID Guardian

Radio Frequency Identification security and privacy

Nov 5th 2008, 22:39 GMT

Surftrackr 20080326

Surftrackr is a log file viewer for squid and Dan's Guardian.

Mar 29th 2008, 05:38 GMT

TuxGuardian 0.5

TuxGuardian is an application-based firewall.

Jul 11th 2006, 03:05 GMT