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Sublime Text 2.0.2 / 3.0 Beta Build 3065

The text editor you'll fall in love with is now available for your GNU/Linux operating system

Dec 20th 2013, 09:27 GMT

Groovy 2.2.1

An agile, dynamic language for the JVM

Dec 5th 2013, 10:09 GMT

Gant 1.9.9

Scripting Ant tasks with Groovy

Jan 30th 2013, 05:33 GMT

Get Groovy 13.2999.5591

Move the red tiles to collect the yellow flowers. Watch out for obstacles and disappearing tiles.

Sep 1st 2012, 12:03 GMT

groovy.vim 0.1.2

groovy.vim is a Vim plugin that runs or compiles Groovy scripts.

Apr 25th 2008, 11:02 GMT

Scala Ray 0.1.0

Scala Ray is a basic multithreaded ray tracer written in the Scala language with a text frontend w...

Jan 11th 2008, 12:08 GMT
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Groovy For OpenOffice 0.2

Groovy For OpenOffice is an OpenOffice Extension that adds support for scripting OpenOffice Macro...

Jul 16th 2007, 14:35 GMT

JideBuilder 1.0a2

JideBuilder is a Groovy builder for the open source JIDE Common Layer.

Jul 1st 2007, 02:35 GMT

Funkee 0.9

Funkee is an event-driven scripting host for Groovy and other scripting languages.

Nov 13th 2005, 17:18 GMT