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MidnightBSD 0.6

A FreeBSD-based operating system fork aimed at providing an easy-to-use desktop experience.

Apr 27th 2015, 03:16 GMT

ALT Linux GNUstep 20150311

An unofficial edition of the ALT Linux distro, with the GNUstep desktop environment

Mar 11th 2015, 20:51 GMT

GTK-GNUstep 1.0

A theme for GNUStep

Jan 3rd 2010, 08:30 GMT

GNUstep Live CD 2.0

A free Morphix-based GNUstep Live CD operating system powered by the Linux kernel

Dec 10th 2009, 21:47 GMT

TimeMon 4.1

TimeMon gives a graphical representation of where the CPU cycles are going.

Jun 18th 2008, 11:02 GMT

GSDock 0.0.1

GSDock is a dock written using the GNUstep (OpenStep) API.

May 19th 2008, 13:27 GMT

Interface WM 0.2.5

Interface WM is a highly-extensible window manager written in Objective-C, optimized for use in a ...

Feb 3rd 2008, 12:08 GMT

GWorkspace 0.8.6

GWorkspace is a clone of the NeXT workspace manager.

Oct 26th 2007, 14:35 GMT

Emacs 9.0 RC2

Emacs GNUstep is a port of the latest GNU Emacs source to the OpenStep (or NeXTstep) APIs.

Sep 15th 2007, 00:35 GMT
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Waiho 0.2

Waiho is a simple FTP client for GNUstep, designed to be easy to use.

Jun 14th 2006, 07:05 GMT

StepTalk 0.12

StepTalk is the official GNUstep scripting framework.

May 31st 2006, 20:34 GMT

Cynthiune 0.9.5

Cynthiune is a free software and romantic music player for GNUstep and Mac OS X.

Apr 3rd 2006, 15:07 GMT


The GNUstep Live CD contains a lot of software for GNUstep, a free implementation of the OPENSTEP ...

May 18th 2005, 22:39 GMT