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Mobius Forensic Toolkit 0.5.21

This Open Source project provides a set of forensic tools written in Python/GTK.

Jun 21st 2015, 19:59 GMT

DEFT 8.2

A computer forensics Live CD Linux distribution based on the Ubuntu operating system

Aug 10th 2014, 19:35 GMT

Minnesota Swift Linux 0.2.0

A more than basic version of the Swift Linux operating system derived from Linux Mint Debian

Jul 16th 2014, 13:02 GMT

The Sleuth Kit 4.1.3

A collection of Open Source UNIX-based command-line file and system forensic analysis tools

Feb 7th 2014, 08:24 GMT

4buntu 12.04-007

A set of Open Source scripts to install a collection of digital forensic utilities on Ubuntu

Dec 7th 2013, 10:04 GMT

ANNFiD 0.2

Artificial neutral networks for recognition of corrupted or partial files in Linux

Sep 30th 2013, 21:11 GMT

Fortools_dd 0.3

A set of free forensic tools for Linux

Mar 14th 2013, 10:50 GMT

ForLEx 2.0.5

A free Linux distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux and tailored for forensic examinations

Feb 15th 2013, 17:23 GMT

repoze.debug 1.0 Beta 1

Forensic debugging WSGI middleware

Apr 1st 2012, 15:14 GMT

ReviveIt 20070804 Alpha

A file recovery tool

Aug 5th 2010, 13:16 GMT

Autopsy Forensic Browser 2.08

Autopsy Forensic Browser is a graphical interface to The Sleuth Kit.

Oct 23rd 2007, 14:22 GMT


SIGOF is a Security Information Graphics Oriented Forensic application.

Apr 27th 2006, 20:47 GMT