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Assentio 0.1

A lightweight and minimal Flask-based blog

Sep 16th 2012, 19:55 GMT

Flask-Skel 0.3

Flask pastescript to create a basic Flask skeleton with Mongoengine as requirement plus other util...

Nov 10th 2011, 02:33 GMT

flask-rst 0.1

Create a static website from simple reStructuredText files

Oct 10th 2011, 07:13 GMT

RESTfulEf 0.1.1

A generic restful API generator based on elixir and flask

Apr 13th 2011, 03:05 GMT

Flask-HTMLBuilder 0.4

Flexible Python-only HTML generation for Flask

Nov 18th 2010, 14:37 GMT

Flask-Apps 0.1

Reusable application classes to streamline creation of application modules, url routes, etc

Jun 24th 2010, 13:37 GMT