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Faience for Cinnamon 1.1.1

A mix between Faenza and Zukitwo for Cinnamon

May 17th 2013, 06:35 GMT

Bigfoot Red Version 1.0

A red theme for your Cinnamon desktop

May 12th 2013, 13:26 GMT

Faience Moon for elementary OS Luna 1.2

A Faience icon theme for your GNOME desktop

Jan 14th 2013, 06:32 GMT

Minimal Faience 0.1

An OSX style for Metacity

Dec 22nd 2012, 11:55 GMT

FaienceMac 0.3

A compilation of some of the best Faenza/Faience icons

Oct 31st 2012, 09:21 GMT