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ResidentEvilWM 0.01

A Resident Evil theme for Metacity

Jan 18th 2013, 17:05 GMT

Evil Car 13.4596.4000

At Evil Car games you have to run over everything what's in your way, especially when it's about Z...

Sep 8th 2012, 06:53 GMT

Evil Minion 13.4331.235

In this game you play a vampire children catcher.

Aug 13th 2012, 15:11 GMT

Evil Care Bears 13.3028.8595

Shoot the evil Care Bears before they shoot you!

Jun 16th 2012, 12:05 GMT

Reincarnation: The Evil Next Door 3.0

This should give you a small dose of EVIL! Here is a mini Reincarnation to hold you over till the ...

Mar 6th 2012, 14:36 GMT

Reincarnation: All Hallow's Evil 3.0

A special Halloween episode in honor of the 2 year anniversary

Mar 4th 2012, 17:15 GMT

Big Evil Robots 1.0

Shoot Sling marbles at the robots' energy cores to take them down. Collect coins and get rich alon...

Feb 11th 2012, 09:56 GMT

Evil Greg Vs. Eight Year Olds 0.4.1

Evil Greg battles hordes of 8 year old kids.

Aug 5th 2007, 14:51 GMT

evil finder 1.1

evil finder project is a tool for finding evil.

Feb 26th 2007, 23:05 GMT
  • RPG

Adrian 2.0

Adrian project is a RPG using SDL and OpenGL.

Jan 5th 2007, 01:05 GMT

Evil Bricks 0.1

Evil Bricks is an svgalib breakout clone.

Dec 10th 2006, 01:05 GMT