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XiX Music Player 0.37e RC1

This project provides a beautifully crafted music player for Linux operating systems

Jan 9th 2015, 21:42 GMT

Equalizer 1.6

A programming interface and resource management system

Jun 29th 2013, 18:14 GMT


Adds PulseAudio-Equalizer in GNOME's Volume Manager

Oct 17th 2012, 19:55 GMT

AB3AP K3 EQ 2012.4

K3 equalizer built in Java

Jun 27th 2012, 14:27 GMT

Rakarrack 0.6.1

Rakarrack is a guitar effects processor for GNU/Linux.

Nov 8th 2010, 13:54 GMT

Audio Mastering Suite 2.0

Audio Mastering Tool

Jul 9th 2010, 09:55 GMT

Alsaequal 0.6

A real-time adjustable equalizer plugin for ALSA sound server.

Mar 6th 2010, 15:39 GMT

autoEqualizer 0.5

autoEqualizer is an automatic equalizer for the Amarok player.

Nov 10th 2008, 15:48 GMT

Cheese Tracker

CheeseTracker is a software sampler and step-based sequencer.

Aug 9th 2007, 15:05 GMT

mpeg123+eq 0.59

The mpg123+eq patch adds a -Q option to mpg123 0.59r, which displays a 16 band graphical equalizer.

Jul 19th 2006, 09:05 GMT

udpeq 0.1

udpeq is a program that balances UDP traffic over parallel routes.

Jul 6th 2006, 06:05 GMT

EQU 0.7

EQU is a realtime graphical equalizer.

Jan 16th 2006, 18:21 GMT