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Dummy Never Fails Community 13.4331.235

Shoot the dummy.

Aug 17th 2012, 15:50 GMT

Dummy Never Fails 2 13.3408.5514

Shoot the dummy to it's goal. Use gravity to aim as precisely as possible.

Jul 3rd 2012, 12:16 GMT

Dummy Never Fails 1.0.1

Don't be a dummy dummy.. Try to throw dummies to reach the goal, less pain the better!

Jun 6th 2012, 09:58 GMT

Dummy X11 cursors 0.4

X11 cursors theme useful for creating your own cursor theme and debugging.

Jan 19th 2012, 14:20 GMT

loremipsum 0.2

loremipsum is a dummy text generator for Vim.

Jul 12th 2008, 01:59 GMT

cddsolve 0.9

cddsolve project is a double dummy bridge solver.

Nov 21st 2006, 00:05 GMT