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django-easy-maps 0.9

This app makes it easy to display a map for a given makes

Sep 23rd 2012, 15:49 GMT

django-friendly-tag-loader 1.1

Want to optionally use a template tag library? Use this!

Jun 4th 2012, 01:16 GMT

django-templatetag-handlebars 1.2.0

Easily embed Handlebars.js templates in your Django templates

May 31st 2012, 23:47 GMT

django-zipfile 0.1.7

A ZipFile subclass that accepts Django Templates

May 3rd 2012, 19:21 GMT

djmako 0.4

Mako template support for Django 1.2

Apr 6th 2012, 09:07 GMT

django-shortcodes 0.3.0

A Django application to parse WordPress shortcodes

Mar 7th 2012, 14:26 GMT

django-simple-gravatar 1.0.0

A lightweight Django application that allows you to insert a Gravatar image in your templates.

Dec 17th 2011, 01:27 GMT

django-jinja2 0.1

Conditionally use jinja2 as template engine based on template filename

Dec 10th 2011, 14:24 GMT

Cmsutils 0.6.6

A bundle of models and templates for Django projects in need of some Content Management System fea...

Dec 10th 2011, 01:46 GMT

stadjic 0.1

Create static HTML sites with Django templates

Oct 18th 2011, 16:24 GMT

django-tabs 0.1 Pre

Fork of django-tabs

Oct 10th 2011, 12:46 GMT

django-sorter 0.1

A helper app for sorting objects in Django templates

Sep 15th 2011, 11:54 GMT

django-dbtemplates 1.2.1

Template loader for database stored templates with extensible cache backend

Sep 9th 2011, 11:18 GMT

django-xhtml2pdf 0.0.3

Generate PDFs from templates

Aug 31st 2011, 02:45 GMT

Adobe Flash Player

The official Adobe Flash Player plugin for web browsers on 32-bit Linux operating systems
Adobe Flash Player

Skrooge 1.11.0

A free, simple, intuitive and powerful personal finances manager for the KDE desktop

Kubuntu 15.04

A special edition of Ubuntu Linux that uses the KDE graphical desktop environment

Wine 1.7.41

An application that allows users to run Windows applications in Linux operating systems

Trillian Beta

One of the most used and popular Instant Messaging clients arrives on the Linux platform

Doomsday Engine 1.15.0 Build 1570

An Open Source 3D-graphics enhanced game engine for Doom, Heretic, and Hexen games
Doomsday Engine

Midori 0.5.10

A free, lightweight and modern web browser application for the open source ecosystem

Xubuntu 15.04

An official Ubuntu flavor the uses the ligthweight Xfce graphical desktop environment

Opera 28.0 Build 1750.51 / 29.0 Build 1795.41 Beta / 30.0 Build 1835.5 Dev

Surf the Internet in a safer, faster and easier way with the Opera browser for Linux

D2X-XL 1.17.128

An Open Source and completely free Descent 2 OpenGL port for Linux operating systems

Ubuntu 15.04

The Vivid Vervet edition of Ubuntu, the world's most popular free operating system

Quod Libet 3.4.0

A music player and tag editor graphical software for GNU/Linux operating systems
Quod Libet

Intel Linux Graphics Installer 1.0.8

Intel's video driver graphical native installer for all Linux-based operating systems
Intel Linux Graphics Installer

Vivaldi Tech Preview 2

The next-generation web browser for power users, based on the powerful Chromium project

Ubuntu Studio 15.04

Special Ubuntu Linux edition that can be used by artists for digital content creation
Ubuntu Studio
% discount
  • Xubuntu
  • Opera
  • D2X-XL
  • Ubuntu
  • Quod Libet
  • Intel Linux Graphics Installer
  • Vivaldi
  • Ubuntu Studio
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Skrooge
  • Kubuntu
  • Wine
  • Trillian
  • Doomsday Engine
  • Midori

django-html5-boiler-templates 0.1.4

Easiest way to use Paul Irish's html5 boilerplate with Django

Aug 14th 2011, 17:28 GMT

django-inlinetrans 0.4.12b-r70

A Django application that allows the translation of Django templates from the rendered html in the...

Jun 28th 2011, 19:54 GMT

django-icanhaz 0.2.0

A Django template tag for embedding ICanHaz.js templates safely

Jun 28th 2011, 11:48 GMT

django-model-filters 0.8.0

Simple filters for generic object template blocks

Jun 23rd 2011, 10:54 GMT

django-tip 0.3

Inspector for Django Templates

Jun 9th 2011, 19:26 GMT

django-fab-templates 0.1.2

Django project templates that support fabric-style deployment (vagrant+ubuntu, webfaction)

Jun 1st 2011, 13:31 GMT

django-awesome-templates 1.0

Awesome templates for Django, to do web programming the right way

Apr 3rd 2011, 18:59 GMT

django-static 1.5.4

Template tags for better serving static files from templates in Django

Mar 23rd 2011, 10:05 GMT

django-quotidian 0.1

Adds snippets of text to your Django templates

Mar 9th 2011, 11:27 GMT

django-chunks 0.2

Keyed blocks of content for use in your Django templates

Jan 13th 2011, 06:16 GMT

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django-user_agent_detector 0.1

Detect and handle desktop vs mobile user agents with django-annoying

Jan 1st 2011, 20:23 GMT

django-chart-tools 0.2.1

A thin wrapper around Google Chart API that tries not to invent a new language for describing charts

Nov 27th 2010, 20:19 GMT

django-templateaddons 0.1

A set of tools for use with templates of the Django framework

Jun 2nd 2010, 15:58 GMT

django-project-templates 0.10

Paster templates for creating Django applications

Sep 27th 2009, 10:52 GMT

django-bidi-utils 0.2.1

Context processors and helpers for BIDI in django templates

May 19th 2009, 03:36 GMT

Jinja 1.2

Jinja is a sandboxed template engine written in pure Python and licensed under the BSD license.

Apr 1st 2008, 10:27 GMT
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