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XMLSpear 3.00

Simple XML Editor with real-time validation against DTD or schema

Mar 10th 2010, 13:27 GMT

Gedit XML Tools 0.1

Gedit XML Tools Plugin

Mar 25th 2009, 02:16 GMT

dtd2latex 0.1.2

dtd2latex is a quick hack to convert a commented XML DTD to LaTeX source for printing.

Jan 24th 2008, 15:59 GMT

Lexxia 1.2.8b

Lexxia software is a multipurpose XML tool.

Dec 28th 2007, 09:48 GMT

DTD to XML Schema translator 1.60

DTD to XML Schema translator allows you to translate a Document Type Definition (DTD) into an XML ...

Feb 26th 2007, 20:05 GMT

downCast 1.7.2

downCast converts XML documents valid according to the upCast DTD.

Dec 23rd 2005, 17:13 GMT