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Serial Cloner 2.6.1

A molecular biology program for Linux

Apr 8th 2013, 07:10 GMT

Evolvin Gen

A simple and cross-platform puzzle game

Sep 28th 2012, 15:34 GMT

Staden Package 1.7.0 / 2.0.0 Beta 8

Staden Package is a fully developed set of DNA sequence assembly, editing and analysis tools.

Feb 9th 2011, 12:32 GMT

Sunflower 1.1.0

Model transcription factor binding to DNA

Jun 8th 2010, 17:03 GMT

SIBsim4 0.20

A program designed to align an expressed DNA sequence with a genomic sequence

Apr 20th 2010, 13:05 GMT

ESTScan 3.0.3

Detect coding regions in DNA sequences, even if they are of low quality

Jun 17th 2009, 08:34 GMT

CLC Protein Workbench 5.0

A bioinformatics program for advanced protein sequence analysis

Jan 30th 2009, 15:00 GMT

CLC DNA Workbench 5.0

A software environment enabling users to make a large number of advanced DNA sequence analyses.

Jan 30th 2009, 14:58 GMT

ProteinMusic 1.1

ProteinMusic is a Java program converting DNA sequences into music.

Nov 20th 2007, 18:18 GMT

Vhybridize 0.5.9

Vhybridize software contains Virtual Hybridization command line tools.

Nov 19th 2007, 10:09 GMT

RepeatFinder 1.0.0

RepeatFinder is a console-based bioinformatics tool that searches for repeating stretches of DNA.

Jul 7th 2006, 20:43 GMT

Array Designer 4.11

Array Designer helps design thousands of efficient, highly specific oligos to make microarrays for...

Jan 12th 2006, 23:19 GMT