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ADCH++ 2.11.0

A hub (server) software for ADC

Jul 23rd 2013, 23:10 GMT

ADCH++ GUI r190.3

GUI for ADCH++

Oct 25th 2012, 08:28 GMT


DC++ Client

Jan 16th 2012, 08:04 GMT

Linux DC++ 1.1.0

An open source port the official Direct Connect client for the GNU/Linux platform

Nov 11th 2009, 09:30 GMT

VerliHub 0.9.8e-r2

A Direct Connect protocol server (Hub), runs on almost all OS.

Jul 20th 2009, 08:29 GMT

DSHub Kappa RC1

DSHub is a hubsoft for Direct Connect Network.

Oct 9th 2008, 14:59 GMT

wxDC 0.930

wxDC is a 100%, GPL, open source, cross-platform, Direct Connect (P2P) file sharing client.

May 7th 2008, 10:28 GMT

DC# 0.11.1

DC# is an easy to use file sharing client.

Oct 27th 2007, 16:35 GMT