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DBLab LX 14.04

A custom version of the Lubuntu Linux distribution, using the LXDE desktop environment

Jul 11th 2014, 09:59 GMT

DBLab LXLE Remix 12.04.4 RC

A custom LXLE Linux distribution that uses twice as much open source applications

May 31st 2014, 18:20 GMT

DBLab LM Mate Remix 13.10

A custom Linux Mint distribution that uses the traditional MATE desktop environment

Feb 12th 2014, 14:05 GMT

DBLab Zorin Remix 13.10

A custom Zorin OS distribution of Linux packed with numerous open source applications

Jan 27th 2014, 14:23 GMT

DBLab Zorin Lite 12.04

A custom version of the Zorin OS Lite Linux distribution with the LXDE desktop environment

May 29th 2013, 08:34 GMT