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django-absolute 0.2.1

Absolute URLs tools for Django

Jun 13th 2012, 00:19 GMT

dblatex 0.3.4

DocBook to LaTeX/ConTeXt Publishing

Jun 5th 2012, 08:50 GMT

django-debug-templat 0.1.6

Project that helps you to debug Django template context

Dec 22nd 2011, 07:26 GMT

django-context-extras 0.2.3

Provides some extra context processors for Django projects

Feb 19th 2011, 03:55 GMT

conTEXT 2q

conTEXT is an amaroK script that looks for text or html files in the playing directory and inserts...

Nov 19th 2010, 09:18 GMT

gdiff-ext 0.3.1

gdiff-ext is a file manager context menu extension to launch comparison tools.

Sep 10th 2009, 10:14 GMT

Context Voice PHP Library 1.1.1

uberVU PHP Library

Aug 21st 2009, 14:39 GMT
  • KDE

Themis Action Editor 1.0 RC1

Themis Action Editor is a small application for the KDE Desktop which allows you to edit context m...

Dec 2nd 2007, 10:28 GMT

DocBook to LaTeX/ConTeXt Publishing 0.2.7

DocBook to LaTeX/ConTeXt Publishing project is splitted in two instances working on the same princ...

Sep 7th 2007, 20:35 GMT

Create New Template Service Menu 0.2.1

Create New Template Service Menu is a context menu item for KDE and Konqueror that automates addin...

Mar 7th 2007, 12:35 GMT

LoadSimilar 0.2

LoadSimilar provides convenient context menu entries to load all tracks which have various peices ...

Feb 7th 2007, 02:35 GMT

PicoLibre 0.9.16

PicoLibre project is a simple platform for hosting development projects.

Oct 11th 2006, 12:05 GMT

Comment 0.99.1

Comment is a command line directory context note taker.

Oct 19th 2005, 04:05 GMT