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Steel Bank Common Lisp 1.2.6

An Open Source common Lisp native compiler for Linux and UNIX-like operating systems

Dec 9th 2014, 10:58 GMT


CLFSWM is yet A(nother) Common Lisp FullScreen Window Manager.

Dec 9th 2012, 15:53 GMT

Shelisp 3.2

A very short program that provides mechanisms for composing and running Unix shell

Jan 16th 2012, 18:54 GMT


A high-level lexically-scoped implicitly-parallel dialect of Scheme and Common LISP

Jan 29th 2010, 09:45 GMT

ChocoSmallTalk 0.1

Embed SmallTalk in Lisp

Nov 17th 2009, 14:24 GMT
  • RPG

RLX Alpha 4

Common Lisp Game Engine

Sep 14th 2009, 12:15 GMT

Common Lisp Reasoner 1.0.1

Common Lisp Reasoner aims to create a practical technology that exploits the synergy between its t...

Jul 10th 2008, 08:34 GMT

Albert 0.4.10

Albert is a Common Lisp doc-generator, comparable to Javadoc and Doxygen.

Jan 4th 2008, 16:26 GMT

lns.http 0.3

lns.http is a simple framework for writing Common LISP Web applications.

Dec 17th 2007, 16:48 GMT

CMU Common Lisp 19d

CMU Common Lisp is a common Lisp compiler and runtime

Dec 11th 2006, 03:35 GMT

NTW Lisp 0.2.1

NTW Lisp is a server written in Common Lisp for applications that use the NTW protocol to communic...

Jul 7th 2006, 20:35 GMT

R2cl 0.1

R2cl is a minimal, proof of concept translator from the R or S language into Common Lisp.

Jan 10th 2006, 18:11 GMT