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VICE 2.4

This project provides an open source and cross-platform versatile Commodore emulator

Nov 29th 2013, 15:26 GMT

Commodore OS Clear 1

A Commodore OS theme for your Cinnamon desktop

Jun 2nd 2013, 10:44 GMT

XMMS-SID 0.9.0

XMMS-SID is an XMMS plugin which provides support for playing the so-called "SID tunes".

Mar 31st 2013, 03:58 GMT

Amiga OSX Beta

Amiga OS theme for Commodore OS Linux

May 7th 2012, 01:20 GMT

TAPClean 0.24a

A Commodore tape preservation / restoration tool

Feb 7th 2010, 18:20 GMT

CBM Dasm 2.24 Beta

A Commodore related application to disassemble C64/VIC20 executable programs.

Apr 12th 2009, 15:15 GMT

CBM BASIC Lister 2.03 Beta

A Commodore related application to convert BASIC programs from their binary form to text.

Apr 12th 2009, 14:59 GMT

plus4emu 1.2.9

plus4emu is a portable emulator of the Commodore Plus/4 computer.

Aug 27th 2008, 16:57 GMT

Frodo 4.1b

Frodo application is a portable C64 emulator.

Jul 2nd 2007, 19:16 GMT

trailblazer 0.9

trailblazer is a version of the Commodore classic "Trailblazer".

Dec 8th 2006, 04:05 GMT

JaC64 1.0 Beta 1

JaC64 project is completely written in Java and can be run from a modern web browser like Firefox,...

Nov 13th 2006, 16:45 GMT

cbmfs 1.0

cbmfs is a fuse filesystem for Commodore disk images.

Jul 25th 2006, 17:25 GMT

Thrust 0.89f

Thrust is a rewrite of the classic Commodore 64 game of the same name, ported to Un*x and MSDOS.

Jan 30th 2006, 21:40 GMT