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Trevilla theme 4.2

A GNOME, Metacity and Unity theme for the latest release of the Ubuntu operating system

Feb 4th 2014, 07:35 GMT

ClearlooksRe 1.0

This project provides a Clearlooks theme for the Metacity window decorator, with different restore...

Sep 1st 2013, 04:32 GMT

DreamplayerUnity 1.2

This project provides a Clearlooks-based theme for the Metacity window decorator

Aug 11th 2013, 23:30 GMT

Kunitwo 0.1

A modern theme for GTK and Cinnamon

Mar 25th 2013, 08:09 GMT

Maximus for Metacity 1.0

A mod of the Human Clearlooks theme for Metacity

Feb 17th 2013, 21:29 GMT

ish for Metacity

A Clearlooks based theme for Metacity

Nov 27th 2012, 16:57 GMT

Clearlooks blend 1.0

Another Clearlooks theme for Metacity

Nov 25th 2012, 07:47 GMT

Compocity 0.8

A clean theme for Metacity

Nov 22nd 2012, 08:39 GMT
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