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Clear 1.6

A clear theme for your Cinnamon desktop

May 5th 2013, 18:04 GMT

ClearlyGreen 0.1

A green theme for your Cinnamon desktop

Apr 28th 2013, 16:12 GMT

ClearGreen 1

A clear and green theme for Metacity

Apr 20th 2013, 23:14 GMT


An alternative version of the Clear theme for Metacity

Nov 27th 2012, 06:59 GMT

Clearbird 1.3

A light and clear theme for your GNOME desktop

Oct 29th 2012, 19:32 GMT

Glickomania 1.0

Glickomania is a puzzle somewhat similar to the samegame.

Dec 29th 2006, 05:05 GMT

iLaunch 0.17

iLaunch is designed to clear up clutter on your desktop by stacking icons in a scrollable format.

Jul 27th 2006, 16:31 GMT