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OGLplus 0.60.0

An Open Source and free C++ wrapper for the OpenGL (version 3 and later) C-language API

Apr 9th 2015, 03:25 GMT

C++ Sockets

A C++ wrapper library that can be used to implement BSD-style sockets in applications

Feb 11th 2014, 14:53 GMT

odbcpp 1.7

odbcpp is a strong C++ wrapper for the ODBC database library.

Jan 19th 2012, 07:24 GMT

wxSQLite3 1.8.5

wxSQLite3 is a C++ wrapper around the public domain SQLite 3.x database.

Jul 3rd 2008, 13:01 GMT

Png++ 0.2.1

png++ is a C++ wrapper for libpng library.

Dec 24th 2007, 02:46 GMT

mod_cplusplus 1.5.4

mod_cplusplus is a C++ wrapper around apache-2.0.

Apr 10th 2007, 02:35 GMT

Java for C++ 0.4

Java for C++ is a tool to generate C++-wrapper-classes for existing Java-classes.

Dec 22nd 2005, 20:06 GMT

fam++ 1.1

fam++ is a C++ wrapper for fam.

Apr 8th 2005, 17:29 GMT