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STX B+ Tree 0.9

A set of C++ template classes that implement a B+ tree key/data container in main memory.

Feb 14th 2014, 12:20 GMT

Common Text Transformation Library 302

A C++ parser generator library

Aug 24th 2009, 10:06 GMT


SPTK (Simply Powerful Toolkit) is a cross-platform toolkit that provides a set of C++ classes easy...

Feb 20th 2009, 14:56 GMT

SQL C++ code generator 1.9.3

A code generation tool, able to convert output from the mysql tool mysqldump to simple C++ classes.

Sep 7th 2008, 23:48 GMT

Config Maker 0.6.2

Config Maker is a tool to automatically create C++ classes that parse configuration files.

Jul 3rd 2008, 14:40 GMT