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JustinBieberLinux 1.0

The Justin Bieber Linux distribution is based on the Puppy Linux operating system

Mar 22nd 2014, 21:19 GMT

Hit Justin Bieber 13.4331.235

Try to throw packages of crisps and bottles of water to Justin Bieber. But be aware, the security ...

Sep 19th 2012, 02:38 GMT

Bieber Hunter 1.0

Aren't you sick of seeing this annoying kid everywhere you look

Aug 6th 2012, 23:11 GMT

Kiss Justin Bieber 13.4106.5467

Justin Bieber and his girlfriend want to kiss each other.

Aug 5th 2012, 08:54 GMT

Kick Out Bieber 13.2698.4030

You realy don't want to see Justin Bieber.

Aug 3rd 2012, 06:07 GMT

Justin Bieber Dressup 2.3.1

You have the chance to dress-up Justin Bieber!

Jul 26th 2012, 11:20 GMT

Bieber Fever Quiz 4.0

How much do you think you know about Justin Bieber? these questions will test you to see if you re...

May 3rd 2012, 12:01 GMT

Bieber Tower of Hair Defense 1.2

Bieber spends quality time on his hair and singing. Can you help him defend it from an onslaught o...

Feb 24th 2012, 09:48 GMT