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Joystick 020100804

Plugin enabling the use of a joystick as remote control for Amarok2

Aug 5th 2010, 14:16 GMT

Player for Amarok 1.5

Control Amarok from the command-line

Nov 5th 2008, 14:28 GMT

Dual Core System Monitor with Amarok 3.00

Dual Core System Monitor with Amarok is a Superkarmaba theme based on the full system monitor dual...

Oct 30th 2007, 12:05 GMT

AmarKontrol New 0.3

AmarKontrol New is yet another try for an Amarok control 'center'.

Oct 26th 2007, 04:05 GMT

iAmarokPod 1.7

iAmarokPod is a SuperKaramba theme that controls Amarok audio player with the iPod look.

Sep 11th 2007, 17:35 GMT

IRman Controller 0.4

IRman Controller can control Amarok using your remote control with IRman.

Jun 14th 2007, 13:35 GMT

SoundMania 2.7.5

SoundMania is a desktop applet designed for the purpose of displaying information and control of k...

Nov 10th 2006, 14:35 GMT

amaroKKontrol 1.1

amaroKKontrol shows Amarok player information.

Jul 27th 2006, 15:33 GMT

kPod 2006.01.08

kPod is a KDE Karamba theme for amaroK, that's in the style of an Apple iPod.

Jul 4th 2006, 17:50 GMT

amaroKportable 0.4

amaroKportable theme is based in iamarokPod.

Jun 29th 2006, 18:02 GMT

amaroK_2 1.0

amaroK_2 is a SuperKaramba theme for amaroK control.

Jun 29th 2006, 17:11 GMT

AmarokControl 1.1

AmarokControl is a SuperKaramba theme that controls Amarok audio player.

Jun 23rd 2006, 20:07 GMT