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Wakanda Community Edition 9.172926

The Wakanda Community Edition platform for heavy-duty and cross-browser web development

Nov 12th 2014, 09:38 GMT

ZK Spreadsheet 2.2

An Excel-like spreadsheet component.

Jan 10th 2012, 13:07 GMT

wsgi-design default

Python 3

Aug 24th 2011, 11:48 GMT

Pyxer 0.7.2

A Python AJAX Framework/Server similar to the Jaxer project of Aptana.

Jul 21st 2009, 14:50 GMT


An Ajax server

Jan 27th 2009, 12:58 GMT

vegUI 2.1.4

vegUI is a JavaScript based AJAX framework and widget collection that allows you to build dynamic ...

Nov 23rd 2007, 04:59 GMT

Ajaxdo 1.1

Ajaxdo is a Ajax persistent Data Objects framwork.

Oct 17th 2006, 02:35 GMT

DOM3K 0.1.1

DOM3K is a fast and rapid development Framework for AJAX.

Oct 15th 2006, 20:35 GMT


PAJAJ framework, it stands for (PHP Asynchronous Javascript and JSON).

Oct 27th 2005, 20:48 GMT