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RazDC 3.0.3

A distribution of Linux that provides an Active Directory domain controller, based on CentOS

Sep 8th 2014, 06:01 GMT

CAADR 0.0.5 Alpha

Cheap Ass Active Directory Reporter

Dec 13th 2012, 21:48 GMT

Centrify Express 2012.2

Free Active Directory Integration and single sign-on for Linux and Mac OS X

Aug 24th 2012, 10:08 GMT

Products.PloneLDAP 1.2

LDAP/Active Directory support for Plone

Jun 2nd 2011, 14:58 GMT

SADMS 0.9.5

SADMS is a tool that integrates Linux hosts into an Active Directory Domain.

Apr 4th 2005, 16:54 GMT