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Marble 1.5.0

A Virtual Globe and World Atlas

Apr 6th 2013, 20:31 GMT

EarthView 0.1

EarthView is a set of utilities for POV-Ray for rendering high quality images of the Earth's surfa...

Dec 11th 2007, 22:46 GMT

texpack 0.4

Texpack is a command line tool intended for combine lot of small images into few big texture atlas...

Oct 29th 2007, 01:05 GMT

CycleAtlas 2.0pre3

CycleAtlas is a cycling diary based on a custom road atlas.

Aug 8th 2007, 07:35 GMT

Atlas for FlightGear 0.3

Atlas aims to provide high quality maps of the world for use in FlightGear, an open source flight ...

Sep 13th 2005, 20:11 GMT