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hamsterdb 2.1.8

An Open Source and cross-platform database engine designed for scaling your applications

Oct 14th 2014, 09:05 GMT

Cxref 1.6e

An Open Source application that generates documentation from C program source code

Jan 27th 2014, 10:07 GMT

Berkeley Yacc 20140101

A high-quality yacc variant for Linux

Jan 3rd 2014, 08:29 GMT

universal_crc 1.2

universal_crc is a utility for generating optimized ANSI C code for CRC calculation.

Apr 2nd 2008, 19:24 GMT

PRECC eXtended 2.58

PRECC eXtended is an infinite-lookahead compiler-compiler for languages with context-dependent gra...

Jun 27th 2007, 18:35 GMT