Multi-Master Database Replication SymmetricDS 3.6.3 Now Available for Download

A new release of this popular software has been made available

SymmetricDS, an open source software for multi-master database replication, filtered synchronization, or transformation across the network in a heterogeneous environment, is now at version 3.6.3

The SymmetricDS software supports multiple subscribers with one- or bi-directional asynchronous data replication and uses technologies to replicate tables between relational databases. The developers updated the application only a few days ago, but now a new release has been made available.

According to the changelog, the transaction ID for sybase is now always unique, the router helper methods have been updated, support has been added for mysql enums in dbfill, a sym script error with Java 5 detection has been fixed, property that instructs symmetric to keep the same node_password for a node on re-registration has been added, and the ability, through configuration, to specify a system commands to dump and load a database's schema has been implemented.

Also, dbexport now respects "use quoted identifiers" for schema exports, a new property that instructs the data loader to alter the case of db artifacts has been added, the Sybase unit tests have been stabilized, DB2 sync trigger variables now use a prefix, and additional variables for bsh have been added as well.

Check out the official changelog for more details about this release. You can download SymmetricDS 3.6.3 right now from Softpedia.

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